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Fnuk Future Events...

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Fnukstar Originals, a new concept from the original party people. Less DJ’s, longer sets and banging beats supplied by:-


THE FNUK ASSOCIATES - midnight till 4am


Dj Di Casa and Millska created FNUK over 2 decades ago with the ethos of creating the party everyone would want to go to and that’s still their mission today. They have honed their skills and played some of the biggest clubs globally alongside some of the biggest brands and DJ’s. Expect Fnuk classics alongside brand new beats with an old school twist!


Tonnic has been part of our Fnukstar family since the very early days and somehow seems to look younger and younger each time we get together. Her high energy and unique voice whilst we spin is always on fire and she injects a magic only she could bring. Expect her on the dance floor next to you smiling and dancing as she powers the vocals over the basslines.


MOWGLI - 10pm till midnight

Fnuk’s very first resident DJ. His tune selection and vibe has never let our Fnukstar family down and he’s a bloody nice chap to boot. Another highly acclaimed deck technician having spun all over the globe for massive brands such as Hed Kandi and Kinky Malinki plus his own brilliant Groove Monkey. Expect to hear the grooviest tunes you’ve never heard before!


DA:MO - 8pm till 10pm

Damo has been a firm fixture on the dance floor since day dot and is a dedicated Fnukstar. There aren’t many of our parties his huge smile and positive attitude haven’t been at so making the move from dancer to DJ was a natural progression for this house music lover and his beats are the dogs danglies. Expect big vocals and funky 


4 DJ’s - 2 hour sets - the finest vocalist in the business - our finest Fnukstar family on the dance floor


Banging House Music



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